Impact of Social Networking In Marketing: Reasons To Learn Social Media Marketing

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Impact of Social Networking In Marketing: Reasons To Learn Social Media Marketing

Impact of Social Networking In Marketing: Reasons To Learn Social Media Marketing

In the current scenario, the usage of Digital Marketing tools for the increase of business growth has been tremendously increased, thus there is a demand for efficient digital marketers in the industry. Abundant companies are looking for Digital Marketing professionals this year, as per survey 69 percent of companies will hire them.

Online social networking is connecting the whole world, billions of people from young to an elder are using social media platforms to connect, share, and more. With this extensive use, businesses globally are relying on social-media to reach millions of customers worldwide, a perfect path for advertising, easily connect the product/service with the customers, increase online presence, improve brand value, and boost sales.

As there are ample opportunities in this field, students and graduates are willing to get trained in Digital Marketing concepts. One of the popular tools in Digital Marketing is Social Media Marketing.

As per the latest survey, as of July 2020, 3.96 billion people across the world are using social media, equalling to almost 51% of the total global population. The new users since July 2019 are 376 million.

Let’s have a look at the monthly active users of social networking sites worldwide

Facebook is leading in the front with more than 2 billion users, while popular entertainment channel Youtube and message/media sharing Whatsapp are in the next slots with 2 billion customers each.

  • Facebook-2.603 billion (monthly active users)
  • YouTube-2 billion
  • WhatsApp-2 billion
  • FB Messenger-1.3 billion
  • WeChat has 1.203 billion
  • Instagram-1.08 billion
  • TikTok-800 million
  • QQ- 694 million
  • Sina Weibo-550 million
  • QZone-517 million
  • Reddit-430 million
  • Douyin- 400 million
  • Kuaishou- 400 million
  • Snapchat-397 million
  • Pinterest-367 million
  • Twitter- 326 million

Getting more knowledge in handling social media for advertising will increase the job opportunities for a digital marketer. Besides, posting creative and solid content (images, videos, articles, etc) is also crucial. As social media has a large global reach, use it creatively and appropriately to reach a large audience. Increases brand awareness and grabs the attention of customers.

Advertising across social media sites will elevate the online presence of a company, making it easier for target customers to connect with you and vice versa. Social networking platforms have become one of the most important strategies from introduction of a brand to promotional campaigns. Another major benefit is it helps to improve your website traffic through the content shared.
Users will be directed to your website when they click the content/link posted. Hence, it is quite essential to share more quality and creative content on social accounts, generating more inbound traffic. Social media provides businesses with an opportunity to improve target customers’ trust and loyalty. The social media presence will help in search engine rankings as well, a strong and trustful presence will mount the ranks and make your product or service visible to consumers.
In today’s times, it’s highly impossible for any business to thrive in the competition without the application of digital marketing methods that enhance the connection with customers, increases traffic, and creates brand awareness. Social media marketing is one of the vital concepts. Hence, a digital marketing aspirant or newbie has to master this tool that helps him in becoming efficient and fullfledge digital marketer.
Therefore, students and aspirants have to put focus on social media and learn the subject thoroughly, in depth learn how to handle it, how to avoid spam, how to be creative in posting content and how to maintain quality in promotions.

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